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Thursday, October 23, Ito Hideaki to marry a non-celebrity. Labels: Couples , Ito Hideaki. Labels: Couples , Nakama Yukie. It started airing on 8th September. Labels: CM , Mizushima Hiro. Labels: Gossip , Oguri Shun. The items came from people who have worked for years in the entertainment industry and gossip magazine journalists. The three short movies are based on Meiji’s Xylish mints slogan ‘Ii kiss o shiyou’.

Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao to Announce Engagement?

After graduating from high school, Sota Koyurugi Jun Matsumoto studies bakery at an institute. In high school, he fell in love with beautiful Saeko. Because of Sota’s effort, he is able to have a romantic relationship with Saeko right before Christmas. Saeko though tells Sota that she will be unable to meet him on Valentine’s Day, but can meet him on the day before Valentine’s Day. On that day, Sota gives Saeko chocolate that he made, but she doesn’t accept his gift.

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun (30) rumored dating actress Inoue Mao (27) at the end of Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun to star in Winter Gekku “Shitsuren Chocolatier”.

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‘Shirayuki Hime Satsujin Jiken (The Snow White Murder Case)’

Inoue is from Yokohama, Japan. It is unknown if Inoue Mao has a boyfriend right now, but even if she didn’t have one I can assure you she’s not a lesbian. Inoue Mao does not have a boyfriend. Neither is she dating oguri shunand matsumoto.

Matsumoto is currently dating Mao Inoue, whom he had worked together in the “​Boys Over Flowers” series. The two Before Matsumoto started dating Inoue, he was dating Kou Shibasaki. -Shitsuren Chocolatier ().

As for how Arashi got the hosting seat this year, it is said that using a joint signature with Johnny Kitagawa they sent provisions to people connected with NHK, such as inviting them to the concert in Hawaii, providing them with stays in fancy hotels along with giving them presents of expensive bags and neckties. In truth, [the total coverage access in] Hawaii was also a present [sent to NHK]. Of course, NHK was invited a member of the media and did their coverage while staying at a high class hotel.

Without fail, the media was surprised. Arashi was safely chosen as the hosts because of these efforts. If that happens, it is rumoured that there will be a live exchange between her and Matsumoto Jun, who she is dating. Especially true since, as with most things nowadays, Kohaku has become even more of a political mess than usual as they thirst for ratings, and this type of stuff just seems like the next step, unfortunately. CoffeeAndEclairs Crazy Maotsujun shipping theorist.

A Huge Inoue Mao Fan. An Arashi Lover. Ask me anything.

Who is Jun Matsumoto’s girlfriend? Lovelife about Arashi’s MJ

Author’s note : I know that was tough for Jun and Mao , but I have a bias for this ship so I put it for a rough ride and wanted to see where it set sail. I’m proud of Jun. Log in No account? Create an account.

By. Jamaica dela Cruz. – PM UPDATED – PM Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao. Okay, so it’s not confirmed that they’re a real.

Mao Inoue and Jun Matsumoto, have been dating for 9 years, Would you like to receive DramaFever news and exclusive promotions. Inoue Mao coyly confirms relationship with Matsumoto Jun And there are marriage rumours almost every year. I feel bad for Mao even if they are dating. She debuted as a U15 idol in Arashi member Matsumoto Jun.

Asian pops TOP 8 most controversial celebrity couples married in and had a daughter the same year. Hmm, I won’t be surprised if they are really dating. More speculations that Jun Matsumoto and Mao Inoue are together We might actually see an engagement announcement next year Next year w 9 Jun Matsumoto.

Asian pop’s TOP 8 most controversial celebrity couples

I hope that Matsumoto Jun is now open for the whatever invitation for another gokusen the movie if there would be after all, It’s been so many years about his issues to yukie nakama. I’m a certified fan of Gokusen 1 and still hoping for a shinkumi ending :D. I love him to be with yukie nakama Shows that the season 1 3-D reunited together and how their life after the graduation I love also to see shin and yankumi together!!!

When I read that Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao are rumoured to be dating (​Thanks, Koala, for that bombshell), a little something lit up in my.

The Japanese are big fans of mysteries of the puzzle plot sort, with murders committed in the sorts of odd and ingenious ways that real killers seldom use. First, there is the corpse of the lovely Miki Noriko Nanao , found stabbed and charred in the woods of a national park. He interviews others who know Miki, including a co-worker who saw her suspiciously running up the stairs of a train station the night of the murder.

Afterwards, Miki stopped showing up for work, pleading a family emergency. How fishy is that? Believing he has a big, career-changing scoop, the director persuades his superiors to run the story on TV, igniting a media firestorm. Trial and conviction by public opinion soon follow. Since all this transpires in the first act, we understand that there has to be more to this story, but there is also no other suspect in sight.

Who or what to believe? Also, the all-wise all-explaining detective is nowhere to be seen. All this may sound very of-the-moment, not to mention confusing, but the film keeps the narrative lines clear and the focus squarely on flesh-and-blood people, not their digital avatars. Nakamura also leavens the proceedings with his playful, biting sense of humor, mainly targeting the craven, opportunistic, anything-for-a-story mass media.

Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao photographed together at late night dinner

FRIDAY , one of Japan’s best known outlets for sensational journalism, has photographed one of the industry’s best-loved and most shipped on-screen couple – actress Inoue Mao 27 and Arashi ‘s Matsumoto Jun The two met on set as the main characters of the hit drama ” Hana Yori Dango ” and have been close since, resulting in speculations of dating between the two from fans and press alike. There was also rumors when the two were found wearing matching rings from a foreign brand. FRIDAY reported that Inoue had finished promotions for her new movie ” Shiroyuki-hime Satsujin Jiken ” and returned home before leaving again at pm for their meeting place by taxi disguised in a hat, glasses, and mask.

/11/21 – Something is afoot in Johnny’s tightly run ship, that or he’s given up dating relationship between Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun and actress Inoue Mao.

Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. From Osawa Takao’s Official Facebook page:. I’ve been feeling giddy non-stop since I read the news yesterday. Why is still so far away? Arashi’s Matsumoto Jun 30 rumored dating actress Inoue Mao 27 at the end of last year and was photographed spot on had become a commotion within the industry.

But the photo was apparently blocked from being published by Johnny’s Office. Rumor has it she’s been staying at her parents’ home and not allowed to be seen in public with Matsu Jun.

The Snow White Murder Case

Encouraged by her mother to start and a fan letter after her first year in the business, Mao Inoue began her career as a child actress at age five and has not stopped since. Mao was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, just west of Tokyo, in She gained national Japanese attention on Kids War from to Rumours of romance and even marriage for her and Arashi member Matsumoto Jun soon spread and kept fans tingled for years.

Arashi Matsumoto Jun (30) and Inoue Mao (27) have been dating for 9 years and they will be tying the knot in August! If this Japanese gossip.

I have to say…can you really blame her? Akanishi and Kuroki suddenly married in and had a daughter the same year. Later Kuroki was linked to Lupin co-star Oguri Shun see 8 and even Akanishi was said to have cheated while he was filming 47 Ronin. However, the timeline of their relationship caused controversy for Rain, who was enlisted for mandatory military service at that time. Rain was accused of going out on dates with Kim when he was supposed to be on-duty.

In the end the pop star was confined to his barracks for a week as punishment. He even used to taunt the media, saying he would admit to everything if the paparazzi could come up with a clear photo of him and Quinlivan together. Over the years, rumours persisted that the two were going out in real life, and there was an abundance of photos to keep shippers going.

Mao finally do get married Inoue Jun Matsumoto

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