Chechnya, Dagestan and Russia’s Deep South

An English translation of her second book, Bride and Groom, will be released in January Listen Listening However, he does not yet have a bride. However, she says this is not traditional at all and has only recently been introduced to the area. Women in Dagestan are accustomed to being the heads of their families and many older women smoke and have tattoos. For example, many traditions that people of my age are enjoying, like wearing hijabs for example and so on, is not something authentic or very traditional for this region because Islam was a very superficial thing for the region. I came to Moscow to study in the Literary Institute, after my high school when I was And I was really surprised when I encountered people who didn’t know that I’m from Russia, as well, because the country is so big, and it’s populated by such a diverse population that people living in the capital in Moscow

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The Russian Caucasus is an enchanting region, ethnically diverse with towering, rugged mountains. Since the end of the Soviet Union, it has been more infamous for insurgency. Chechnya was for 20 years a byword for a failed state. However, behind the headlines, there is much to enjoy in this misunderstood region.

Chechnya, Grozny and Dagestan are names synonymous with the destruction and terror that followed their attempted breakaway from the Russia motherland following the break up of the Soviet Union. Yet the Caucasus is a place of great natural beauty with fascinating cultures set in the shadow of the mountains that mark the border between Europe and Asia.

This trip offers a view into a region that remains almost unexplored by western visitors. A truer insight into traditional Chechen life will be found in nearby Itum Kale where some of the regions best preserved traditional watchtowers still are found. A truly groundbreaking trip into a much-misunderstood region.

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A Republic of Russia, it is ethnically very diverse and made up of several dozen ethnic groups which create Russia’s most heterogeneous republic, where no ethnicity forms a majority. Dagestan has had a turbulent history and until was subject to a violent Islamic separatist movement that spilled over from neighbouring Chechnya.

Largely subdued by the Russian Government it earned a reputation for being dangerous and violent, a reputation that is compounded by a lack of visitors and up to date news. But there is an overall feeling of being neglected and forgotten and a frustration that its bad reputation still lingers. Today Dagestan which means Land of Mountains is peaceful and remains one of Russia’s untouched treasures. A place where moderate Islam mixes with age-old traditions and due to its relative isolation, this mountainous region has maintained traditional cultural practices that have been lost in many other parts of Russia.

‘Funny’ stories from the frontlines of Dagestan’s gender war

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Dargavs, Chechnya & Dagestan rafting, as well as the chance to learn about mythology and fascinating cultures and history dating back as far as BC.

Please note: In ecoi. This may lead to non-English language content being quoted. More than 90 percent of the population is Muslim — 97 percent are Sunni and 3 percent are Shia. Sufism, which emphasizes the mystical dimension of Islam has long been practiced in the North Caucasus and is deeply entwined with Dagestani identity. The east has a strong tradition of Sufism, whose brotherhoods tariqas have been in conflict with the Salafis for over a decade.

By late , the official religious establishment, dominated by Sufi leaders, grew openly hostile to Salafi adherents. This marked the beginning of a concerted, multi-year campaign in which the net was cast widely to include suspected Islamist extremists. Only 10 percent of the respondents referred to themselves as Sufis — traditionally the main Muslim branch in Dagestan. The most educated among those who identified themselves as moderate Salafis said they were in favor of mimicking the experience of such countries as Brunei, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman in bringing norms of sharia into governance in Dagestan.

The survey also found that 12 percent of the respondents favor the radical methods of struggle adopted by the North Caucasus militants. It is especially striking that young people openly stated support for rebels in the republic.

A purge in Dagestan ahead of the Russian election

Its capital and largest city is Makhachkala , centrally located on the Caspian Sea coast. With a population of 2,,, [6] Dagestan is very ethnically diverse and Russia’s most heterogeneous republic. The word Dagestan is of Turkish and Persian origin.

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He found another way out. Dagestan, a multi-ethnic mountainous region on the Caspian Sea, is part of Russia , but local tribal and Muslim codes often hold more weight than Russian law. The villagers also protect the killer. It was these sorts of cover-ups that led Anokhina and Zakir Magomedov, the editor-in-chief of Daptar, to start the magazine.

There was a murder — a girl killed her father with a knife. An investigation found that the father had raped her for years on end. Eventually she reached the end of her tether and murdered him. But we ask you not to disclose what happened. She is already out of the picture, in any case — there is no life left for her in Dagestan. But she can still save the whole village. For if this story were made known, all the girls of the village would find it nearly impossible to find a husband in future.

She ran away, the story came out and his relatives disowned him. A little upset! All education in Dagestan is based on one main principle — the fear of criticism and censure.

Russia: Ancient pottery discovered off Crimean coast

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